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The Lockdown Diarists give us their take on key themes…

Diary page: Reflecting on the diary process

As we wrap up this phase of the Lockdown Diary Project, we asked our diarists: What has been your experience of the project? How have you found the process of sharing your lockdown diaries? Diarists shared their joy in participating in a ‘meaningful’, ‘informative’ and relevant project. Several of them appreciated the opportunity to shareContinue reading “Diary page: Reflecting on the diary process”


Diary Pages: Work and Income

Just as South Africa was due to move to Level Three, we asked our participants whether the Lockdown had affected their work and income, and whether this was likely to change during Level Three. Income not affected For several of our participants – across different areas – there had been no shift in their incomeContinue reading “Diary Pages: Work and Income”

Diary Pages: Religious Gatherings

The government announced that religious gatherings would be allowed under the level three lockdown regulations. These gatherings would have to be limited to 50 people and congregants must ensure they follow good hygiene practices such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. We asked our diarists how they felt about these new regulations. OpeningContinue reading “Diary Pages: Religious Gatherings”

Diary pages: Community Leadership

The COVID-19 crisis has made the need for compassionate, imaginative, democratic and dynamic leadership more pressing than ever. Community leadership can be hotly contested in South Africa’s crowded civic landscape. Since the lockdown began, Community Action Networks (CANs) have sprung up, joining the NGOs, social movements and political parties that are already active in manyContinue reading “Diary pages: Community Leadership”

Diary Pages: Level Three

Following news that South Africa would be moving to Level Three on 1st June, we asked our diarists how they felt about this. The responses below show the mixed emotions that exist across the city: for some this brought a sense of relief but for many, fears still remain. Relief that some sense of ‘normal’Continue reading “Diary Pages: Level Three”

Diary Pages: COVID-19

For weeks our diarists have spoken about the many consequences of lockdown. However, very few have spontaneously mentioned the impact of the COVID-19 virus itself on their lives. To understand if the virus was starting to have more of an impact we asked: Have you or anyone you know been directly affected by the COVID-19Continue reading “Diary Pages: COVID-19”

Diary Page: Crime

How has the lockdown affected experiences of crime in Cape Town? Statistics released by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s (CCID) Safety and Security department show that there has been a 73% drop in all reported crime during Level 4 Lockdown. Are these statistics representative of actual crime levels or only reported crime? HasContinue reading “Diary Page: Crime”

Diary Pages: Social Grants

The Lockdown has been a period of unprecedented government intervention in post-apartheid South Africa. Interventions include the recently announced increase in Child Support and the introduction of a new Social Relief of Distress grant (also known as an unemployment grant) which offers recipients R350 per month. We asked our participants what they thought about the grantsContinue reading “Diary Pages: Social Grants”

Diary Pages: Level Four

After weeks of experiencing one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, South Africans heard from President Cyril Ramaphosa that the lockdown restrictions would be slightly eased from the highest Level Five to Level Four. Restrictions, he explained, would shift according to the level of Covid-19 threat being faced at any one time. As ofContinue reading “Diary Pages: Level Four”

Diary Pages: Housework

We asked our diarists: Who does the household chores during lockdown? Has this changed from your normal routine?  Lockdown has changed the way we engage in public, but has it changed the way our homes are run? We asked our respondents to reflect on their daily chores in order to gain greater insight into genderContinue reading “Diary Pages: Housework”

Diary Pages: Back to School?

We asked our diarists: Do you think children should go back to school as proposed by the government?  How has the lockdown impacted the education of children? As South Africa has eased its COVID 19 lockdown to level four, controversy has been mounting over the issue of schooling. The Department of Basic Education faces theContinue reading “Diary Pages: Back to School?”

Diary Pages: The New Rules

On 23rd April, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would begin ‘a deliberate and cautious approach to the easing of current lockdown restrictions.’ Following this news, we asked our Lockdown Diarists: ‘What is your understanding of how the new lockdown rules (starting on 1 May) will affect you and your family?’ Tentative Support but IncompleteContinue reading “Diary Pages: The New Rules”

Diary Pages: Lockdown Extended

On the 9th April President Ramaphosa announced that the Lockdown would be extended in an effort to contain the virus. We asked our diarists how they felt about the news. Widespread Understanding on the Need for an Extension Despite the hardships that the extension has bought for many – particularly those in townships and informalContinue reading “Diary Pages: Lockdown Extended”

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