Everyday support in lockdown shows Cape Town is a city of many stories

Among accounts of hardship, hunger, crime and anxiety, the measures taken to address the COVID-19 epidemic have spurred stories of solidarity and support. Drawing attention to relationships that have long been present before the current crisis, these stories allow us to recognise people’s humanity and interconnectedness. This blog first appeared on LSE blogs Nigerian author ChimamandaContinue reading “Everyday support in lockdown shows Cape Town is a city of many stories”

Diary Pages: Childcare in Lockdown

We asked our diarists:  Can you share any experiences you have had caring for children within or beyond your home during the lockdown? Caregivers are under pressure during lockdown, and those looking after children are no exception. Diarists expressed a deep desire to protect and nurture children in their care but also the anxiety andContinue reading “Diary Pages: Childcare in Lockdown”

Diary Pages: Freedom Day in Lockdown

We asked our diarists:  Do you usually celebrate Freedom Day? What are your feelings about it this year? On the 27th of April 1994, South Africans of all races stood in long lines to cast their votes in the first post-apartheid elections. That day has been observed as Freedom Day and is a public holidayContinue reading “Diary Pages: Freedom Day in Lockdown”

Inside Information: The political economy of Covid-19 rumours in Cape Town

This blog first appeared on Corona Times, you can view the original here. South Africa took an early stand to try and limit fake news around the Covid-19, by making the spread of false information on the virus a crime. This stance recognises the importance of clear and accurate health messaging around the virus – misinformation and disinformationContinue reading “Inside Information: The political economy of Covid-19 rumours in Cape Town”

Diary Pages: The New Rules

On 23rd April, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would begin ‘a deliberate and cautious approach to the easing of current lockdown restrictions.’ Following this news, we asked our Lockdown Diarists: ‘What is your understanding of how the new lockdown rules (starting on 1 May) will affect you and your family?’ Tentative Support but IncompleteContinue reading “Diary Pages: The New Rules”

“We are still waiting”: Protesting Under Lockdown in South Africa

South Africa has seen its first protests under lockdown. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need to understand what is at stake. This blog first appeared on Open Democracy. “Some do not have enough to eat”, wrote China, “and the food parcels only go to those earning below R3600 even though those whoContinue reading ““We are still waiting”: Protesting Under Lockdown in South Africa”

About the Research Team

Our team brings together researchers from the University of Edinburgh and the University of the Western Cape. We all have a long-standing interest in the politics of urban life and issues of political inclusion, which we have variously pursued through acadmia, activism and policy work. If you would like to get in touch, click hereContinue reading “About the Research Team”

Diary Pages: Lockdown Extended

On the 9th April President Ramaphosa announced that the Lockdown would be extended in an effort to contain the virus. We asked our diarists how they felt about the news. Widespread Understanding on the Need for an Extension Despite the hardships that the extension has bought for many – particularly those in townships and informalContinue reading “Diary Pages: Lockdown Extended”